Abbott-Fire-Security-Tele-Data-Services Page

Fiber optics, Ethernet, category 6 (cat 6) wiring

Abbott Fire & Security offers professional tele-data services including the installation and servicing of fiber optics, Ethernet cabling and category 6 (cat 6) wiring. Abbott also offers design, installation and maintenance services for Local Area Networks (LANs) and Wide Area Networks (WANs).

What are tele-data products/services used for?

In simple terms, tele-data is the engineering and installation of structured communication systems. These communication systems can be used for transmitting voice, video and data.

Why Abbott Fire & Security?

With a full-time Professional Electrical Engineer on-staff Abbott Fire & Security offers complete tele-data engineering services. From the initial planning stage to the installation and certification of your tele-data network Abbott Fire & Security is the one to call!

Other tele-data services

Abbott Fire & Security offers cable certification service to ensure that your data communications network is properly installed and running at peak capacity. And with available service agreements your system is backed 24/7 by Abbott’s trained technicians.